Pye Brook Company, Inc.’s wideShout ™ service enables organizations of all size to put up to date information about their current activities and offerings into the hands of their customers and members while avoiding the clutter and vagaries of eMail broadcasts and SMS based social networking platforms like twitter.

When you sign up for wideShout™ we will provide:

  • a custom branded application for each of the three major (Android, iPhone and Blackberry) mobile platforms.
  • An easy to use, internet and mobile accessible, web interface where you can quickly create “wideShouts”  to be sent to your customers, constituents, or members.
  • Low monthly fee, typically $20, per month

wideShout services are ideal for small and large organizations.

Perhaps you are a business with a base of loyal customers that you want to stay in touch with, you can use wideShout™, for example:

  • Restaurants that want to update and alert customers on daily or weekly menus, or specials
  • Grocery Store that wants to tell customers about the weeks current sale items

Perhaps you are an organization that is run by the members, you can use wideShout for the benefit of the members, here are some ideas:

  • A labor union local that wants its members to alert its members on activities and opportunities
  • A Taft-Hartley health and welfare fund that wants to keep members informed about benefit plan changes or health care discounts

Club or interest based group that wants to publicize its activities to its constituents can use wideShout:

  • Church or synagogue updating its congregants about services, activities and interests
  • Country club updating its members on golf events, tennis tournaments and social events

Community or political group seeking to inform, organize and move its constituents to action, will benefit from wideShout:

  • Political candidate or office holder that wants to inform constituents on accomplishments, activities, challenges and opportunities
  • Community organized group that wants to inform interested individuals of plans and activities, organize flash crowds

Contact us to learn more about our easy to use wideShout services by sending an email to info@pyebrook.com

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